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Day 24: Hiking with kids - our 200 mile summer: Comaraderie on the trail

My marketing plan is simple and grassroots!  I am relying on folks like you to spread the word about my new release, a memoir about our family’s 200 miles in the High Sierras. I started this book to answer the question we got so many times, “How do you get your young kids out here for these long trips?” Our daughter is 12 and has clocked over 1000 miles of high Sierra backpacking over the last five summers. It’s a valid question.

But the book that came flowing from my pen, the one that I needed to get out there first before I could answer that original question, seemed to be more a question of how do I get myself out in those remote places? For as I was honest and just noticed the thoughts that occasionally (and sometimes more than occasionally) floated across my mind, I began to realize that anxiety was all too often thrawting my care free spirit.


And, how could I get past this?

Did I want to get past this?

And thus, my first book was born.

Two options for ordering:

  1. On Amazon for your Kindle:
  2. Sample or purchase Living Without Walls on Smashwords:

If you read it, please leave a review and let a friend or two know too! I’d greatly appreciate it!

Happy trails,



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