Savor Life

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I was 16. All dressed up to the nines, with curled hair and matching colored shoes to my dress, ready for Prom. I had spent half the day in preparation while my dad fiddled around in the garden.  The time had come for me to go soon, prompting my dad to wipe the sweat of his brow and his dirt covered hands on his jeans and walk in to send me off.

He turned the corner of the hallway and entered the living room where I waited, nervously, and his first words when he saw me were, “you look stunning!”. My dad thinks I’m beautiful! 

A few minutes later, Brian O’Neill (I have a thing for O’Neills I guess but this is not the O’Neill I am wed to) met me on my doorstop and his first words were, “wow” (Maybe I really do look good tonight!) 

Of the two moments, the one that shapes who I am and gives me wings is by far the one with my Dad.

Because of my dad, I know I am beautiful.

My dad’s unconditional love for me over the years blows strong wind under my wings as I know, because of him, that I am beautiful and I am loved.  I am loveable.

Two weeks ago we almost lost my dad to a heart attack so massive his nurse told us she’s never seen someone survive such an attack.

The essence of my dad’s gentleness and love and support and sweetness always is with me.  He’s a part of who I am. He’s a part of me.

May I live each day, savoring every moment of life.





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