The other side of humanity

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A little excerpt from the book I am working on:

Some mornings back at home, as I scanned over different news sites I wanted to either pound my fists in angry disbelief or shed a few tears. After the school shootings in Connecticut and the bombings at the Boston marathon, I actually did both. Only in our modern era have we been able to know so much about what is happening with so many, all at the same time. In a quick scan over Yahoo news we can read about starving orphans in South America, wars in Syria, killings in New York, and terrorism in Afghanistan. Were we really created to be able to deal with that kind of onslaught? God can peer down upon the good and evil of our human race and make sense of it and sort it out. But what can I do? I can vote. I can send aid money for heart-wrenching causes. I can help my neighbor build a fence. I can hug a sad child. But, the news keeps rolling in. So if the wilderness is good for anything, it’s good for giving our poor, tired, and weary minds a break from the CNN news blitz every day.

The campsite we woke up to offered up the other side of life: the beautiful and the serene. These mountain lake campsites attract  the part of humanity that finds meaning in that. The revenge and hatred embodied in global news stories has no part on the wilderness stage. I needed some time to dance on that stage.


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