Major things in life

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The storm was hitting strong as the predictions had called for. Wind whipped the trees and rain pounded against the windows.  It was only September. An early winter storm. But inside our home, our shelter, we worked in the soft glow of the kitchen lighting as a mother/daughter team of two, oblivious to the gloom outside.

First on the list was the shredding of the large home-grown zucchini our neighbors had given us. Too big to really eat, we shredded them up for the coveted fall zucchini bread. She separated the egg yolks and whites. I prepared the gluten-free dry ingredients. When her wet bowl was ready, she combined it with mine and our batter was complete. As it baked in the oven, we got busy making stuffed acorn squash for dinner.

The rain picked up in intensity making the sky darker and the golden glow of our warm house brighter. Cinnamon, bread, and squash smells mingled in the sweet air as we sang to our favorite Taylor Swift songs together.

We giggled over little things and sampled our creations.

For a moment, I left the scene and watched us both. What we were doing was not making us money. It was not bringing us fame. Most people on the planet would never know this afternoon had even happened. By all accounts, cooking is just one of the minor things in life. Corporate staff meetings, emails, luncheons…these are the major things. Right?

She twirled in front of the sink, especially fond of the catchy tune playing, as the oven beeped, signaling  ready zucchini bread.

With everything in me I knew at that moment that these minor things really are the major things. They are the building blocks that make us who we are – the things that fill our spirits so that we can embrace the world. And the chocolate zucchini bread wasn’t so bad either!



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