well…you are a bit radical

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Over the last months as people ask what we are doing this summer, we have heard everything from, “Wow, I’d love to do that!” to “well, you guys are a bit radical and extreme” to “really, you are spending most of July and all of August just walking?” to “oh my gosh, you need to tell the newspaper about this!”

In general, I get blank looks when we excitedly announce what we are up to.  To have a retreat like vacation that is not full of noise, lights, sounds, clutter, or man made neon colored plastic but instead resonates God’s voice in the rustle of the trees, the birds chirping, the gentle slapping of a stream, and the quiet giggles of kids trying to fall asleep in their tents is hard to compete with.  Nothing can detoxify me from the rat race of life like trail time can.  And it takes days and days and days of immersion into the quiet for me to settle into a new norm of inward peace.

I don’t think it’s even on the radar of most families with a 9 year old girl and 11 year old boy to dream of spending a summer walking.

But then again, Disney Land is not on our radar.

I hope our book inspires some new dreams for families.  


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