How 120 kids, a news anchorman, dancing, singing, and the Bible relate

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Countdown begins…and I am antsy, jittery, and full of nervous energy.

Dec 17th is the big day – 3 months of work all displayed in a 45 minute explosive night of 1sts. The Best Christmas Gift Ever – featuring a news anchorman covering the story of a group of students planning a birthday party for Jesus.

Firsts are intimidating – you never have walked that road before so it’s all new, surprising, thrilling:

  • 120 students all on one stage
  • High energy choreography (with very little room to do it!)
  • 20 actors and actresses making their acting debut
  • 15 student soloists (sing into the mic!!! Don’t move around! Sing out, I know your nervous, but sing like you are not!)
  • Tech crew – learning music systems, lights and cues oh my!
  • Singing multi-part songs

2 1/2 weeks left to finalize a million details. And I still have my daily Spanish 1, 2, and 3 classes to keep moving along.


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