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SH endorses the Teva Musher flipflop. A good hang out – take the garbage out – putz around summer shoe.

I enjoy my Chacos!! When I put them on, no matter what time of year it is, it’s summer to me. They have a vibram soul which makes them stout but unfortunately, a minimal arch support. $50 normally but I got them on sale for about $30 at REI. But, I must say, that Teva my SH picked up has the most comfy squooshy footbed I have been on in a long time!! I might have to grab a pair of Teva’s too. Not the Jesus sandal – just the flip flop. About $15 at REI if you catch them on sale.

This year I have added the Keen waterproof sandal to my repertoire ($80).. It has a lot more protection and support for summer fun then the Chaco flip flop did. It has an anatomical footbed, great arch support, a lovely toe covering to protect from stubbing toes on sidewalks or rocks, and fully waterproof. It’s been great on beaches and rivers as it clings to my foot well and allows me to just enjoy the day without thought of my feet getting cut up by sticks, rocks, or cement. My little piggies are safe and cozy in their little Keen sandal home. I can easily get in and out of our canoe or kayak or even hike a few miles all in one little sandal.

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