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We met in college, my first day on campus, fresh to Oregon from Chicago. It’s a fun story that some time I’ll write about but today I’ll just reflect on who it is that I get to call my husband. Not only is he a head turner, he is a gentle and loving man who blesses our home with his Godly guidance. Any given day you could find him strumming his guitar and singing, changing out a radiator or redesigning our landscaping. I am continually amazed at what this former ranch boy is capable of doing. Seems to be nothing he can’t fix, redesign, or invent. He rides mountain bikes in ways that I truly don’t want to know any details about, gets up at crazy hours of the night to catch a sunrise at the top of a local mountain, and writes highly annointed worship songs. He also puts up with my random raw concoctions that I always give fancy names to, despite the fact that the ingredients are usually a variation of the same 10 things.

Aside from being a highly involved dad and an ever encouraging husband, he finds time to teach highschool.

This super hero is not the man of my dreams. I never would have dared to dream a man like this even existed. But alas, he does, and he’s all mine!


One thought on “StudHusband

    ccole said:
    May 14, 2008 at 6:44 pm

    I am glad to know that you are more impressed by the man you married today then you were on your wedding day. It is very gratifying to the preacher who stood with you to see your commitment grow instead of wane.

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